How To Be A Classy Female

It’s not common these days to encounter people who are classy in the way they conduct themselves. Class- it cannot be bought, but it can be taught.

Here are a few hints on how to be one.

1. Be tactful. Say what you mean, but if it’s not a good comment, remain silent about the subject.

2. Say No in a proper way. There is a right way to turn down people. It is also your right to draw the line on what you allow in your life.

3. Dress impeccably. I do not mean lavish dressing. To be impeccable means dressing to the right tone. Do not become a Christmas tree in the wrong season.

4. Mind your personal hygeine. Get a clean body. That includes your fingernails, your toenails, your skin, your hair, your teeth. You have to smell sweet at all times if you want to make a good impression.

5. Walk in a calm manner. Classy people are not hasty in movements – they have that calmness in their gait. It is a mark of a lady to have a graceful sway and a comfortable posture.

Stay confident! Live with class.


About Tarhata

I am an internet marketer.
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