Dear Beautiful Soul

(for you, reading this right now):

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Does life get a little uneasy for you today? You have regrets of the things that you have done. Or you regretted that you were not able to do some things. Have they failed you? Hold on. Life can be a little harsh but there are people who care. Please don’t give up. Go on. I am with you, as many of us are. Fix your thoughts on how you will get better from this moment on. Here, take my hand.

Now, put a smile on that sad face.



Tara xoxo

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Promise Me: You Will Be Confident

“Who are you?” If you can answer this question truthfully, then you can define what you want in life.

Too many people are challenged with self confidence. The person who finds it difficult to adjust in many aspects of life has insecurity as its root. There are individuals who live for the approval and acknowledgement of other people.tarhata-estacaan2

Yet, the sooner one realizes that happiness does not depend on external stimuli, the earlier a person comes to terms with changing this perspective.

Insecurity makes a person destitute. It is not difficult to notice those who are insecure.

How is insecurity manifested?

1. One who becomes overly accommodating. Some crave for praise & approval of other people that they submerge their own identity and individuality. That is Too Much Compromise and it backfires on the person who is too nice.

2. One is overly sexual. Now this. I have been observing people who make it a point to perfect their diet plans, exercise regimen, flaunt their curvy body, their butt, and are quite too sensual in their choice of clothing. Most of these people have actually gone through serious trouble with their relationships and are unhappy with the way they ended up.

3. One who is excessively competitive. I once met a person who needed to topple everyone so she can shine. Confidence in a person allows the acceptance of winning or losing with gracefulness.

4. Materialism. Some want to blind others by excessive buying of things that are difficult to afford. They go to expensive places, travel to here and there or acquire things in a short span of time. Proving oneself is a dangerous thing because one can get trapped in over spending and become buried in financial dilemma for that. One does not have to showoff to be accepted by people. One doesn’t have to glitter, have a nice car or live in luxury to become sensible in life.

5. They have a series of abusive relationships. Insecure people, while they may not acknowledge it, are trapped in abusive relationships. No one wants to be alone, we believe in that. Yet, when one jumps from one person to another so easily, there are abandonment issues that needed to be straightened up in the person. A secure person does not seek a “savior” person to end another bad relationship. It might come to a point that the wrong ones become the right ones in haste. A few episodes later will prove the new chosen person to be another sour pick. Secure people are not afraid of leaving abusive relationships because they know they do not deserve that kind of treatment from a life partner.

Insecurity brings evil to every aspect of life. No one is free from insecurity, because no one is not free from doubt. But Confidence can only be attained when one has gained wisdom, and wisdom usually comes with age. That is the purpose of aging- to gain insights from experience. Wisdom teaches one to manage life a little better than the past.

May you have the courage to stand for yourself & get out from this kind of oppression. Blessings!

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Getting More Organized? Install Wall Shelves

Getting your home organized without compromising a lot of space is easy to achieve. This can be done in a variety of manner but the most functional way is by installing wall shelves in the most appropriate spots of your home. While they exist for practical reasons, they also add aesthetic appeal to your place if done in the proper way.

Wall shelves essentially help in putting all your papers, books and other little things intact in one place. This way, they would be easy to locate once you need them. Wall shelves basically minimize the clutter in your home allowing you to work minus the chaos of things scattered all over the place. With several styles, materials used and colors available in the market, choose a shelf design that retains harmony with other home furniture and interior accessories. An adjustable shelf is a great choice because you can redesign it as well, depending on your need.

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How To Be A Classy Female

It’s not common these days to encounter people who are classy in the way they conduct themselves. Class- it cannot be bought, but it can be taught.

Here are a few hints on how to be one.

1. Be tactful. Say what you mean, but if it’s not a good comment, remain silent about the subject.

2. Say No in a proper way. There is a right way to turn down people. It is also your right to draw the line on what you allow in your life.

3. Dress impeccably. I do not mean lavish dressing. To be impeccable means dressing to the right tone. Do not become a Christmas tree in the wrong season.

4. Mind your personal hygeine. Get a clean body. That includes your fingernails, your toenails, your skin, your hair, your teeth. You have to smell sweet at all times if you want to make a good impression.

5. Walk in a calm manner. Classy people are not hasty in movements – they have that calmness in their gait. It is a mark of a lady to have a graceful sway and a comfortable posture.

Stay confident! Live with class.

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